Nutrition Consults

Dealing with itchy skin, frequent ear infections, smelly breath, extra weight, loose stool, or excessive drinking?

If the blood tests, physical exams, prescription food, and allergy shots don’t seem to be working – what now?

Try changing up your pet’s diet!

Many pet parents don’t realize that much of the time, dogs can have allergies and intolerances just like people can.

Some of the most common food allergies include chicken, grain (including rice, quinoa, and barley), corn, and wheat gluten. It is crucial to find small changes needed in order to reduce bad breath, yeast infections, and irritated paws.


Changing the flavor, brand, and calorie count of your dog’s dry food can make immense differences to their health and wellness.

Adding water to kibble can increase hydration, and to keep your pup from overdrinking and having accidents indoors. You can even boost kibble by adding fresh ingredients!

Does all this information seem overwhelming?

HeroicK9s can help!

We offer assistance with:

  • Choosing the right kibble for your puppy or dog
  • Helping your dog with their weight
  • Finding premade fresh or raw dog food within your budget
  • Formulating a do-it-yourself raw dog food
  • and more!

Join our other clients who have helped their furry family member enjoy their food AND feel better at the same time!

Plus… you won’t have to drain your wallet.

Register for a Nutrition Consult and receive a FREE month plan of custom meals!

**Consults are available via phone or video call.**

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