Laura Hardy & Hadley

I have had nothing but a positive experience with HeroicK9s and their staff and head trainer. Every time I have a question they respond right away. The way they can customize each session is very beneficial and my confidence after the one on one sessions always increased greatly. I really love the supplemental pack walks and club nights that support the one on one training to give my dog social time with other dogs in a safe and healthy environment (while training…total bonus!). I have seen a tremendous improvement in my dogs demeanor when out in public as well as just walking around the neighborhood while passing other dogs. The tools/behaviors they have taught has built my confidence as a proud fur momma. We will definitely continue our work with HeroicK9s. I see our relationship as a life long one. Thank you for continuing to do this work in our communities while offering reasonable pricing, so important!!

Christy Cekander & Hugo

My dog, Hugo and I have been doing pack walks with Jaye and Eli for over two years. We were able to attend one club night, which was a lot of fun. Jaye is extremely knowledgeable about Hugo’s breed (Malinois mixed with dutch) and offers great advice during the walk. Hugo is socially awkward with other dogs. Pack walks are an amazing way to build his confidence and for him to be able to stay calm in a group of 10-15 dogs. Jaye ensures the pack walks aree safe and fun for everyone including the dogs. Looking forward to our next walk.

Krysta Johnson, Apollo, & Sky

We have been working with them for about 1 year now. We have participated in pack walks with our own dogs as well as foster dogs. Each time they have taken the time to help make our walks more enjoyable with training tips. With all the knowledge that was shared with us on these walks, we ended up purchasing a number of training packages for our 2 pups. Both Jaye and Eli have taken the time to explain why our dogs were acting the way they were and how to help. Our one pup we knew was a tad different. They recommended changing his food, and when they didn’t help, they recommended holding off on training til a vet check was completed. Thankfully nothing is seriously wrong with our dog, however he does have a neurological issue. After learning this Jaye took a new approach to training our pup. Both Jaye and Eli are invested in training and helping dogs as well as their owners. Both of our dogs have come so far and we are so very grateful!!

Monica Guedea & Holly

We have been working with Eli and Jaye for almost 2 years now. They really helped us with our German shepherd Holly who has anxiety and some aggression. They crate and potty trained her in no time! She has never had any accidents and she loves her crate. We’re currently working on having Holly be a service pet for my husband who is a veteran. We see a difference in Holly’s temperament and skills after every session. We’ve also had them groom Holly which is very helpful as she sheds a lot and had some skin issues that have now gone away. Not only are their prices reasonable but Jaye and Eli are super laid back and super helpful. I would totally recommend them if you have some training needing to be done. Thanks HeroicK9s!

Mariam Amirzadeh & Neo

I’m in a wheelchair and Jaye + Eli have been nothing but accommodating to me and my dog from the start. I found them months before I moved to San Diego and they’ve been so polite and answered all my questions leading up to our free evaluation. They really wanna see me live a comfortable life with my dog and give me realistic homework so that I can succeed with my dog at his level of reactivity.

Neyda Peraza, Sabrina, & Tommy

Can’t recommend HeroicK9s enough. They helped me to understand the dynamic between my two dogs and to build a better relationship with both of them. We had private lessons with one of my fur babies and they took the time to answer all our questions and show us the way to handle my dog, always listening to my concerns. Our life is so much better since we started working with them, and we are looking forward to joining the pack walks with them.

Noelle Riley & Antares

I’ve attended a couple of their pack walks. They always give ample instruction and stay for far longer than the scheduled time to make sure that they answer everyone’s questions. They’re incredibly sensitive to dog’s needs and even caught when my service dog was giving a medical alert that I hadn’t noticed (oblivious handler problems). I trust very few people with my service dog after bad experiences with other trainers. But I would trust her with Jaye or Eli in a heartbeat.