Meet the Team!

Jaye Sword is a highly experienced and renowned local dog trainer specializing in canine behavioral therapy. With a deep understanding of the psychological, physical, and genetic aspects of dogs, Jaye empowers
San Diego dog owners to unlock their pups’ full potential.

  • 15 years experience in the canine industry
  • Professional Canine Behavioral Therapist and Rehabilitator (2020-present)
  • Service Dog, Working Dog, Puppy, and Behavior Modification Dog Trainer (2017-present)
  • STSK9 Master View Path Student (February 2023-present)
  • Certified in Leerburg’s Dealing With Dominant & Aggressive Dogs course (January 2023)
  • Raw Dog Food Manufacturer (2019-2021)

Elias Gaines is the owner and Media Manager of HeroicK9s LLC. He has dedicated his life to making dog training and behavioral rehabilitation services inclusive and accessible by providing quality services, all while fostering a friendly welcoming environment for San Diego dog owners.

  • Medical Alert & Response Service Dog Trainer (2020-present)
  • Canine Nutrition Consultant (2021-present)
  • Do More With Your Dog! Associate Trick Dog Instructor (2023-present)
  • Doggy Daycare Attendant and Shift Lead (2018-2020)
  • Independent Dog Sitter & Walker (2018-2020)
  • Certified in Daniel Coutt’s Natural Dog Nutrition & Wellbeing course (August 2023)
  • Certified in Duke University’s Dog Emotion and Cognition course (January 2023)
  • Certified in the Epilepsy Foundation’s Seizure Recognition and First Aid course (April 2022)
Akira Guide of the Northern Star “Aki” CGC TKN
Chilli Ďáblova kolonie “Dante”
Carlos z Gargamellu “Chainbreaker”
Set The Devil Ablaze Mazikeen “Maizy”

Aki is a 5 year old American Showline German Shepherd from a breeder in Temecula. She is Jaye’s fully trained Service Hero as well as our demonstration dog! She is super friendly, loves to give kisses, and is a total ham for the camera.

Dante is a 4.5 year old Czech Working Line German Shepherd imported from the Czech Republic. He is our family protection dog, but even though he knows how to bite (on command) he loves butt scratches and will do anything for a Nylabone!

Breaker is a 3.5 year old Czech/West German Working Line German Shepherd imported from Germany. He is Jaye’s in-home service dog as well as a PSA competition dog. Breaker is a sweet boy still learning how to greet confidently. Ask to say hi!

Maizy is a 3 year old Dutch Shepherd/Malinois cross from a local working dog breeder. She is Eli’s medical alert & response service dog, and is working on Dog Parkour titles! Maizy loves to play tug and will go crazy for her reward ball.