A year ago I made the decision to foster a rescue dog. The universe really wanted this for me because someone contacted ME about fostering. Miso was rescued from Mexico as a puppy and was rehoused twice before I fostered him. When I received him from his previous owners, he was scared of everything. He had extremely high anxiety and was on trazodone. It took a while for him to come around to me but I eventually built trust with him and was able to wean him off the trazodone. I fell in love and he became a foster fail as I adopted him. As he gained more confidence, his anxiety turned to fear towards triggers I was unaware of. At a loss, and panicked, I knew I needed some kind of training for him so I went to various groups to help. One was extreme, and the other was geared towards all positive reinforcement. Two sides of the spectrum. As I saw his reactivity increase, my anxiety also increased in all environments. I realized what I needed was a behavioral therapist, so I turned to Heroick9s with a referral from Miso’s rescue for an in-home evaluation (which was free by the way!) in January 2022, and they assured me that they could help. Through our journey together, Miso has completely changed.

They did some magic voodoo sorcery on Miso, because after our 3rd session field trip, he had very little to no reaction at all to dogs and strangers passing by. He used to lunge and angry bark at EVERYONE. He even settled and laid down as one dog walked by. One of my neighbors was watching and she was SO IMPRESSED because she knew how he was before. I have gotten praise from so many people that knew how Miso used to be. You have no idea what a proud dog Mom I am. Even the biggest critic of him commented that he’s improved considerably.

Heroick9s pivots their training plans based on what you need as an owner based on your personality/habits, based on what your dog needs, based on your dogs habits and personality, mixed in with your dogs breed and their DNA… and aligns all of that with your end goals for your pup. They also genuinely want to help and will work with you on plans that meet your budget based on your needs. They’re super knowledgeable and walk you through how your dog communicates so you understand what your pup is trying to tell you. They’ve been a huge support every step of the way, always on hand to answer any questions or dog crisis I encounter.

Miso’s behavioral change has allowed me to be less anxious on walks, allowing us to walk more often and get more exercise. I am able to take him to outdoor patio coffee shops (without worrying about him lunging and barking), outdoor events, and currently we are working on off-leash training. He’s been doing amazing with his recall and engagement! I have aspirations for him to become a service dog one day and get his canine good citizen certificate. Heroick9s has changed our life, and I have nothing but love and gratitude for Jaye and Eli for all of their patience, effort and passion in helping my Miso!

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