HeroicK9s goes beyond their ultimate goal for you to build a true bond and relationship with your fur companion through offering services like board and training by continuing to host pack walks owners can join to see yours and your pet’s progress in action with a community of like-minded members. Other great services they provide is to visit pets in their home environment, which may make it easier and comfortable/uncomfortable with. HeroicK9s’ information and feedback on how to continue training my 2 dogs AFTER the board and train has been invaluable and allows me to walk my dogs, Levi and Siopao, more at ease. It has allowed me to build a sense of confidence as a dog owner and allowed my dog, Levi, to find his own self-confidence as the good doggo he is. Book with them now if you’d like to build a fruitful relationship with your dog no matter the age! They are trustful and you can tell they really love what they do for many dog owners that struggle to understand their dog(s).