We have been working with them for about 1 year now. We have participated in pack walks with our own dogs as well as foster dogs. Each time they have taken the time to help make our walks more enjoyable with training tips. With all the knowledge that was shared with us on these walks, we ended up purchasing a number of training packages for our 2 pups. Both Jaye and Eli have taken the time to explain why our dogs were acting the way they were and how to help. Our one pup we knew was a tad different. They recommended changing his food, and when they didn’t help, they recommended holding off on training til a vet check was completed. Thankfully nothing is seriously wrong with our dog, however he does have a neurological issue. After learning this Jaye took a new approach to training our pup. Both Jaye and Eli are invested in training and helping dogs as well as their owners. Both of our dogs have come so far and we are so very grateful!!