What We’re All About

  • MOVEMENT: The ability to flow and move with your dog smoothly in any environment
  • ENGAGEMENT: The ability to maintain your dog’s focus on you despite distraction
  • COMMUNICATION: The ability to maintain healthy and safe boundaries
  • REINFORCEMENT: The ability to know the reasoning behind, and how to time your response to, your dog’s behavior in the moment

Board & Trains ↗

If you’re looking to board your dog, or want to learn more about our Board & Train programs, click here! All breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments welcome.

Group Classes ↗

Stay updated on our Reactivity Group Class, Canine Good Citizen Class, Socialization & Obedience I and II, and other group training! Locations subject to change.

Private Sessions ↗

Learn more about our private in-home & in-public training, Customized Field Trips, drop-in visits, and more!

Dangerous Dog Info ↗

Access information and resources regarding aggressive dogs, dog bites, and your legal rights as a dog owner.

Pack Walks ↗

Read more about what walks entail, and be sure to subscribe to our calendar to get updates on each group pack walk, hike, and meetup!

Products & Essentials ↗

Scroll through our low-cost supplies, supplements, and training gear, and find more info on the treats, chews, and toys we recommend for your dog.

They’ve been a huge support every step of the way […] HeroicK9s has changed our life, and I have nothing but love and gratitude for Jaye and Eli for all of their patience, effort and passion in helping my Miso!

— Teenah Eco, Miso

  • SERVICE DOG TRAINING: Service dogs to assist individuals & veterans with disabilities
  • BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION & THERAPY: Canine therapy to safely and effectively break through bad habits including reactivity and aggression
  • TRAUMA REHABILITATION: Intensive training for dogs who have been abused, attacked, or neglected, and dogs who have psychiatric illness(es) causing a barrier in training and life skills (ie. PTSD, canine compulsive disorder)
  • PUPPY FOUNDATIONS & TRAINING: Basic and advanced training to set puppies up for long-term success
  • DISABLED DOG TRAINING: Specialized training for dogs with sensory, emotional, neurological, physical, and other types of disabilities that hinder their ability to respond to common training methods inlcuding seniors